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There’s no hocus pocus, it’s about having the focus; 5 reasons why you should outsource your blogs

We all love a good blog, right?

Every business will tell you they realise the importance of having a blog section on their website. Most will admit to starting off with good intentions but then running out of steam or time or inclination. Few will have the time to make engaging, regular blogs a priority.


There are two reasons why Halloween is a great time to start focusing on getting your blogs up to date.

Firstly, it is the time of year, after the summer holidays, that most businesses start to think about new marketing campaigns and for product-based businesses, it heralds the all-important lead up to Christmas.

Secondly, Halloween is a time of year rich with stories and storytelling, and marketing is, as I often say, all about stories.


So why think about outsourcing the writing of your blog content?

Here are the 5 all-important reasons that should get you thinking:

1. Two heads are better than one

As a business owner, you will have a head full of... well, business! Your focus will be your product or service, sales, budgets, staffing, development, profit, and the list goes on. Outsourcing the writing of your blogs means that you will have someone, a content creator, to build ideas with, to help you to think about what you do and what your business offers with a fresh pair of eyes. You are very close to your business which doesn’t always bode well for creativity! Letting a freelancer free to write about something that is so close to your heart will bear fruit. New ideas will flow and fresh perspectives will appear.

2. Time is of the essence

Time-poor is something that every business will suffer from at some point. Letting a freelancer or agency write your blog means you will have more time to focus on what you do best. Blog writing is not just about the time it takes to put words onto paper. It requires brainstorming, research, and editing. Can you really afford one day (or more) away from your core business to get a blog off the ground?

3. The key to keywords

A content writer will work with you on keywords to include in the blog. These may need to be researched and then cleverly woven through the content. Keywords are the words that people search for. Do you know the keywords that point to your business? Can you weave these seamlessly into your content whilst keeping things creative? After all, keywords are a vital component of getting your blog noticed and ranked.

4. Images complement words

Every blog needs some good imagery to go with it. Maybe you have a library of images that could be used but it will take time to sift through these. Or maybe images need to be researched and sourced, re-sized, and uploaded? For someone who works with words on a daily basis, finding the right image can be more of a pleasurable challenge than you may find if you were to do this. They will be thinking creatively and making sure that everything complements the words they have written.

5. Storytelling

You may not think it but stories form the basis of content writing. A writer will be able to format the words and sentences so that they flow easily. They will remove many technical phrases and industry-specific terminology when writing for your audience unless of course, that audience requires these! They will see things from a different angle, put a new spin on them and make sure that the content is engaging, fun, and readable. Any good copywriter or content writer will see things in stories and will help you to see things that way too.


If you get spooked by the thought of blog writing, get out your broomstick, sweep away old habits and employ the experience of a freelancer. You may just find the magic!


Zest Marketing offers a number of packages including blog writing.

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