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In a world where the reign of alcoholic spirits has long been unassailable, a new star is on the scene, one that promises to be both refreshing and revolutionary: non-alcoholic gin.

Who among us doesn't relish the occasional tipple? That unmistakable Friday night feeling, when the strains of the workweek—whether you're a dedicated mother, diligent employee, or ambitious entrepreneur—finally give way to relaxation. But here's the question: must that "tipple" always be alcoholic? Isn't the simple act of pouring a crisp aperitif, kicking back, and letting go of the day's burdens truly enough to soothe the soul?

With various factors at play, such as the impact on our overall well-being, the prevalence of synthetic additives lurking in alcoholic gins, and the increasing alcohol intolerance experienced by some women during menopause, it's no surprise that the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages is on the rise. From Baby Boomers to Gen Zs, the desire to spend your time productively and positively is, according to some research, decreasing the ‘thirst’ (excuse the pun) for alcohol. As health-conscious consumers search for alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks, the non-alcoholic gin industry is undergoing a profound transformation.

So, whether you're pouring yourself a glass of your beloved non-alcoholic botanical or simply seeking a fresh perspective, join us as we connect with friends and entrepreneurs Rebecca and Katie Louise, the Founders of Bel Nada. We explore how their Swiss alcohol-free aperitif business shapes lives and redefines the art of conscious drinking.

Bel Nada grew from a friendship and a drive to create ‘drinks that looked good, tasted good and left as little trace as possible on our bodies and the environment.’

The idea behind Bel Nada was born two years ago. Katie Louise and Rebecca have been friends most of their lives and grew up together in Switzerland. "As consumers," said Rebecca, "we were hugely frustrated with the lack of non-alcoholic drinks options in Switzerland whenever we went out. We saw there was a gap in the market and decided to address it! Setting up in Switzerland has been great for us. They like innovation and start-up businesses. We have had a lot of support."

It is hard to imagine how these two 20-something entrepreneurs have created a space for themselves in the 0% alcohol industry so quickly. Initially thinking about the option of importing, they did a full 360 and decided to ‘do it for themselves’ (as the song goes). You only have to read the intro to their story to be instantly drawn in.

"Bel Nada was born to serve people who live full, bright days. Those who make conscious choices so that they can keep up with their ambitions."

These two have certainly made a conscious decision to create something that keeps up with their ambitions! The attention to detail shines out from the branding to their mix of botanical ingredients going beyond just the alcohol-free messaging.

Their branding is colourful and fresh. "We had quite a journey to get it right and couldn’t have done it without our designer, Claudia Costa of Freckles Design Studio’" confesses Rebecca.

You only have to take a look at the website to get a real sense of the ethos behind the brand. Two friends with a clear vision, and an inspiring product, ready to grow and disrupt in this exciting new space.

But who are the faces behind Bel Nada?

"We are always asked that!"‘ said Katie Louise. "Rather than turning the spotlight on ourselves, we made a conscious decision for the business, branding and marketing to be product-led in the first instance. We have been very focused on getting the product out there. Once the product is well and truly out there, you never know, maybe that will be our chance to reveal more."

Their life experiences significantly shaped their business venture. Rebecca and Katie Louise both led active lives with bustling careers and vibrant social circles before founding Bel Nada. This naturally involved attending various events, drinks receptions, and engaging in social activities. Moreover, given the growing millennial trend towards adopting cleaner lifestyles and embracing the increasingly popular no-alcohol revolution, their business has gained even more traction.

The picturesque mountainous surroundings where they live have also played a pivotal role in influencing their choices. Katie Louise shared, "The desire to wake up with a clear head and fully enjoy the day after a night out was a major driving force in our personal journeys. This sentiment underpins our core motto, 'Enjoy Today, and Tomorrow,' which holds immense significance for us."

As with all start-up businesses, motivation is key. Where do these two find theirs?

"I wanted the freedom to work for myself, not doing a 9-5 job. This freedom gives me the space to create a job that I love and to be my own boss" says Katie Louise.

And Rebecca cites her determination to push for innovation in the no-lo sector. "I have seen the effect alcohol has on society’s mental health and wanted to address that. I truly believe that alcohol will, in the future, be looked at the way smoking is now. I want to be a part of that positive change in society."

You don’t have to spend long chatting with these two before their enthusiasm and excitement for their business shines through. But with that comes a level of modesty for that which they want to achieve over the next 12 months.

Increasing the number of hospitality outlets in Switzerland is an obvious one. But seeing the Bel Nada label in large retail outlets in Switzerland and the UK is a clear goal. Watch this space!

So, if ‘crisp and alpine’ or ‘aromatic and floral’ tickles your taste buds, then take a look at the Bel Nada website and don’t miss their Christmas gift box offer launching in November.

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