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Are you content with your content?

Content is King (or Queen). It needs to hit the target audience between the eyes and stand out. It needs to be of high quality and worth reading, and it must be consistent in tone of voice and style. Every marketeer will tell you that content is the new buzzword. Every business wants it but doesn't always have the time to create it. Content has grown in popularity over the last ten years as the online world has become the nucleus of every business. But it is becoming ever more difficult to create an impact because competition is stiff.

So what does a good content creator need to do to be 'on it'?


Sisters (or brothers) are doing it for themselves

A content creator needs to be writing engaging (and regular) content themselves. Do you enjoy reading what they have written, or watching the videos they have created? If they do it well for themselves, they will do it well for their clients.


Have they found their voice?

The 'voice' of your business should resonate through every piece of content. Maybe you already have a clear voice and style that a content creator can follow. Many business owners tell me they are still trying to find the right voice and style. For them, working with a content creator is the chance to get it just right and to ensure there is consistency throughout. Make sure you have a good old chat with a content creator before contracting with them. The more you talk and share, the more they will be able to get inside the 'head' of your business and find that perfect style that people will recognise in the future.


Posting across different platforms

Try new things. If you haven't tried posting an article on Linkedin then make that one of your goals. Chat to your freelance content creator about new ideas. Maybe you could think of producing a series of podcasts, particularly if a little camera shy! Make sure that you consider which platforms are right for your business - don't just follow the crowd. Make those decisions together so that your aims are clear.


Use humour effectively

There is so much content out that that we are all guilty of doing 'the scroll'. Be open to using a bit of humour and creativity. Is this something you have done in the past? No? Well, try it. It is much easier when someone is doing it for you. You can read the content as if one of your audience and see just how much it draws you in. People want a reason to read on.


Thought leader

That is you! Do you have enough knowledge and expertise to head up some thought leadership pieces? I am sure you do. Maybe you just haven't considered this in the past. Be prepared to express your opinions on your industry. Give people tips and advice once you have identified the problem. Let your content creator run with some fresh ideas. It may even work to have an interview-style meeting so they can ask you questions, and pull out a solution that others will want to hear. The key to a good thought leadership piece is giving your audience something you know they need and want. This requires a lot of industry knowledge and the channels to impart that knowledge. Once people see you as that font of knowledge, they will share your content widely and so it begins!


So if you know that creating engaging content will be beneficial to your business, and you are open to using a freelance agency or individual to create for you, then get started. If you don't your competitors will!

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