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A marketing strategy is the foundation for your marketing including your branding, communication and content. You need a clear strategy so that your marketing is focused and aligned with your business goals.

Every bit of marketing you do requires a purpose and a clear plan. Without a strategy, your marketing could be piecemeal and ineffective which will affect the growth of your business.


Why do I need one?
  • Your marketing is not bringing in the results you want

  • You are not reaching your ideal customer

  • You want to increase sale/leads

  • You do not know which marketing tactic works best for your business goals

  • Your brand is not as prominent as that of your competitors

How will it benefit my business?
  • Increase opportunities for business growth

  • Provide clear objectives for every marketing activity

  • Define your business goals and measurement for success

  • Give a consistent brand voice and messaging to all communications

  • Identify opportunities for growth and increased profitability

What is included in the package?
  • A 1 hour discovery call to scope what you need the strategy for (new product launch, new service, overall business strategy)

  • 6 online 1-1 sessions (approx 1.5 hours) to cover a different strategy area. These sessions can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or two half-day workshops

  • Templates saving you time and money

  • Review of your progress between each session

  • Review of your current marketing

  • Access to me via phone and email in between sessions

  • Review of your marketing document template after the final session

What will I take away?
  • SWOT Analysis

  • Value proposition and market position

  • Pricing and market review

  • An understanding of your ideal customer

  • Buyer persona profile(s)

  • Clear marketing objectives

  • Competitor review

  • A strategy from which to build your content and marketing plan

Don't worry, if you need help bringing your strategy to life and implementing your marketing, our Content packages or outsourced Marketing Lead/Director package, will be able to help.


How do I book?

Call, email or complete the enquiry form to book your strategy discovery call.  An invoice will be sent in advance and once payment is made, we can begin the work!

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